Translator FRENCH ENGLISH. I offer translations for the following language pairs:c English > French French > English English > Romanian
code AS-RO-201308-771 on en Roumanie

I am authorized translators by Ministry of Justice for English and French. My company provides high quality translations, interpreting, and proofreading. My strengths are professionalism, promptness and quality of translations.

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Expertise :

In the following industries:
Education, web design,

Fields of practice:
Translation of documents, account manager, translation of web pages

Management teams your interventions may concern:
General Management Sales management Web industry

Types of interventions:
Translation of documents, web pages

Training courses attended:
Module FLE-Francais Langue Etrangere (2006)
West University of Timisoara, Romania

Master in Business Applied Modern Languages ​​(2007-2009)

Faculty of Letters, Department French and English (2002-2006), West University, Timisoara, Romania

Translator and interpreter certified by the Ministry of Justice for English, French, authorization no. 19362


Led training courses:

Computer skills:

Languages: Fr En Ro

Some references:
Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs, Malta, different custumoers from various fields of activity

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My passion for foreign language combined with specialized studies have resulted in the project DIGITAL-TRANSLATIONS. After graduating Faculty of Letters, Department of French – English, in 2006, i received authorization for language translations from Ministry of Justice, Bucharest. Through this project i aim to provide french to english translation and english to french translation both for direct clients and translation agencies all over the world. The great American philosopher Emerson once said: “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." I have been working as translators since 2004 for different companies. Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs from Malta is one of those companies we worked for french to english translation and english to french translation. I have experience in translations from various domains: technical, economic, legal, medical field, media, advertising and literary, through collaborations with publishers.

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